Permit Services
We offer all necessary services to help you get various kinds of permits according to the regulations provided by the Aruban Immigration law. As one of the few specialized immigration advisers active on Aruba, we’ll help you through this complete process.
Are you interested in going to Aruba for employment? Business to Business has everything you need to apply for a Working Permit. Any foreigner wanting to work on Aruba will need to get this permit from the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission (DIMAS). Visitors, for example, are not allowed to be in paid employment by an Aruban employer while visiting Aruba as a tourist. 
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Residing on the island for more than 6 months? Then you might need a Residency Permit. Business to Business facilitates the process of obtaining this permit. From guidance on all the required documentation to representing you at the official authorities: just leave it to us.
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A family member abroad can apply for Family Reunification with one or more family members who already live on Aruba. Business to Business helps you and your family get together and takes care of your Family Reunification permit.
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In addition to a business license, company directors who have the Dutch nationality but were not born on Aruba, should apply for a Director’s License. While you run your company, Business to Business takes care of this permit for you in a fast and efficient way. 
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Foreign students who wish to participate in an internship program must apply for a permit. Business to Business will guide you with all the required documentation and gets the job done.
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